Why Guy's and St Thomas' needs your help

Medicinema at Guy’s Hospital

Thanks to donations, a new ICAP MediCinema has opened at Guy’s Hospital. The fully digital, 3D cinema opened in November 2013 and gives patients a welcome break from the wards.

It has been designed to allow access to patients with wide-ranging needs, offering spaces for seven wheelchairs and five beds as well as 37 seats.

Helping to heal

‘A really good film will transport you to a different world,’ says Stephen Moore, CEO of MediCinema, the organisation that installs and manages cinemas at UK hospitals and places of care.

‘It’s often the only opportunity patients have to get off the wards and the feedback is phenomenal. They often say that they completely forget about being unwell and in hospital.’

The cinema’s manager promotes the films around the hospital with the help of a team of volunteers who bring patients from their wards and make sure they are comfortable if they are in beds or wheelchairs. They also liaise with nursing staff and check whether patients need medication during the performance.

‘I had no idea there would be nurses supervising the screenings or that I could watch a film while I’m being treated, even if I’m on a drip,’ says Susan, a haematology patient. ‘It’s really uplifting and helps with the waits between and during treatment.’

Having a cinema in the hospital makes a real difference to patients’ experiences of being in hospital.

‘Our research shows that it aids recovery and well-being as well as providing a wonderful shared social experience,’ says Stephen.

Tailored to patients' needs

The cinema shows films within a week or two of their release to ensure that patients can see what is on offer in multiplexes around the country.

The programme is tailored to meet the needs of the hospital’s patients, says Stephen.

‘At Guy’s, outpatients are very important, with many people coming in for test results, chemotherapy or dialysis,’ he says. ‘This means they can often have long, tense waits, so offering them a chance to escape at the cinema for a couple of hours can make all the difference.’

Screenings are currently twice a week and there are also plans to hold special events.

It’s thanks to donations that we’re able to go above and beyond to make sure patients have the best possible experience at Guy’s and St Thomas’. With your help, we can go even further. Please donate today.