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The simplest way to support King’s College Hospital

When you hear about the support the hospital has given to a friend or loved one, you may be moved to show your support. Donations come in many forms; one of the simplest and most effective options is to let more people know about the hard work and vital services the hospital provides.

  • You can get news of the hospital’s work out there by inviting friends, colleagues and family to upcoming fundraising events, or distributing posters and leaflets which our Fundraising team can provide you with.
  • Share links to our website via Facebook, twitter or other social networks and help to pass on the message about the great work our hospital does to many more people. Have you considered volunteering?
  • Giving some of your spare time is a very direct and practical way to help us. Our volunteering pages have lots more information about what opportunities are available.

together we can... spread the word