Who we are

South London and Maudsley

We’ve been providing mental health services to the people of South London for nearly 800 years. And we’re still going strong… in fact, we’re stronger than ever.

The foundation of Bethlem Royal Hospital in 1247 marks our beginning and also makes us the oldest psychiatric institution in the world. When Bethlem moved to its new site at Moorfields, in 1770, it was the only public institution for people with mental disorders.

Henry Maudsley, doctor of psychiatry, told London City Council in 1908 that they needed to establish a ‘fully equipped hospital for mental disorders’. Which they did.

In 1948 the Maudsley Hospital’s medical school gained independent status within the University of London as the Institute of Psychiatry. Its first director was Professor Aubrey Lewis, who played a key role in establishing psychiatry as an academic discipline. The Institute became a school of King's College London in 1997.

In 1999, South London and Maudsley is formed following the reconfiguration of community and mental health services in south east London.

At SLaM, our aim is to promote mental health and wellbeing for all. This involves providing care and treatment for people with conditions like depression, psychosis and eating disorders. We also use research to find new and better ways to detect and treat mental health problems. 

Our strength is that we have world leading clinicians and academics working together to develop the best mental health services possible.

Visit the South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust website to learn more, and see our Get Involved section to find out how to fundraise, volunteer and spread the word about the great work of South London and Maudsley.