1429716060 Together We Can News http://www.togetherwecan.org.uk/ Together We Can News en info@togetherwecan.org.uk Copyright 2015 2015-04-22T15:21:00+00:00 Cheer on our runners at the London Marathon! http://www.togetherwecan.org.uk/news/cheer-on-our-runners-at-the-london-marathon http://www.togetherwecan.org.uk/news/cheer-on-our-runners-at-the-london-marathon#When:15:21:00Z This Sunday, the world-famous London Marathon will see thousands of runners complete the 26.2 mile course from Blackheath Common to the Mall. We have over 85 runners taking part supporting Guy's and St Thomas', Evelina London, King's College Hospital and South London and Maudsley.

We have three lively cheer points along long the route at Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf/ Mudchute and Victoria Embankment and we'd love you to come along and get involved. Whether your free for an hour, a morning or afternoon or all day, pop along and show your support. Having people showing support and enthusiasm makes a huge difference to them, so the bigger the crowd, the better! 

We'll have our flags and banners waving at these cheer points:

Tower Bridge, 9am-2pm
Canary Wharf, 10am-3pm
Embankment, 11am-4pm

Download our cheer guide for full details, including times and maps.  

For more information about the cheer points you can email support@togetherwecan.org.uk or call 02078484701.

Spread Christmas cheer! http://www.togetherwecan.org.uk/news/spread-christmas-cheer http://www.togetherwecan.org.uk/news/spread-christmas-cheer#When:10:06:00Z As the weather is turning colder, the evenings are drawing in and shops are beginning to burst at the seams with treats, we’re starting to think about what Christmas will be like for our patients who will not be well enough to be at home with their families.

There are lots of ways you can support Guy’s and St Thomas’, Evelina London Children’s Hospital, King’s College Hospital and South London and Maudsley this Christmas.
You could take part in Christmas carolling and bucket collections for Guy’s Cancer Centre Appeal and Evelina London, donate gifts to the children at Evelina London and the Variety Children’s Hospital or buy some of our merchandise- including Christmas cards, T-shirts and mugs.

You could even organise your own festive fundraiser to raise money for those in need this Christmas.

Find out how you can support your hospital:

Sign up for Prudential RideLondon 2015 http://www.togetherwecan.org.uk/news/overcoming-torrential-rain-for-ridelondon http://www.togetherwecan.org.uk/news/overcoming-torrential-rain-for-ridelondon#When:09:04:00Z A race against the elements

A HUGE well done to our 29 amazing cyclists who braved treacherous conditions on Sunday to complete the Prudential RideLondon – Surrey 100 race. We raised an amazing £19,615.56 - not including Gift Aid. 

The majority of our team were fundraising for Evelina London Children’s Hospital, but we also had cyclists supporting Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals and King’s College Hospital.

The course was originally mapped out as a 100 mile race, but the route had to be shortened to around 86 miles due to the severe weather conditions which left many roads flooded. Due to the heavy rain and wind, the dreaded Box Hill and Leith Hill stretches were excluded for safety reasons. 

But despite the adverse weather and the gruelling challenge, our fearless riders thoroughly enjoyed themselves and many are signing up for next year!

‘When you started off for the first 10 miles it was amazing riding through London and the only noise that you could hear was the bikes,’ says Godfrey, who rode with his friend Rocco for Evelina London who have treated his 4 year old son Harry.

‘The crowds where amazing and really helped you keep going. At the beginning it was quite nerve racking but towards the end it got more and more exciting,’ he says.

We were cheering everyone on from our cheer point on Wimbledon Hill Road, and also caught up with our triumphant cyclists in Green Park.

Mike Cook, who cycled in the race, said, ‘It was brilliant and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.  I can’t wait for next year!”

Take a look at this year's photos!

How to sign up for Prudential RideLondon 2015

A public ballot for places opened on Monday 18 August and will close once 100,000 people have registered. 50,000 people have already signed up, so if you would like to join us to take on the iconic 100 mile cycling challenge, please visit the Prudential RideLondon website and sign up today.

If you secure a place in the ballot you can register with us as an ‘own place’ cyclist, represent us and raise as much sponsorship as you are able to. If you aren’t lucky in the ballot, you can still sign up for one of our guaranteed charity places - the registration is £50 and we ask our RideLondon cyclists to raise £750. 

For further details please contact support@togetherwecan.org.uk or call 020 7848 4701. 

Here are some more enthusiastic comments from our riders: 

  • Despite the rain I thought I thought it was a great ride - I clocked in just under 7 hours, but that included an almost one hour hold up in Richmond Park because of severe flooding of the roads further down’
  • I’m fine apart from a sore bum!
  • Thanks for all your efforts…I really enjoyed the day. I did look out for you all but my glasses were so steamed up from the effort and the rain unfortunately I missed you. What a great day and a great cause…I can’t wait to do again next year…sign me up for 2015 please!
  • The ride was fun but I have never been in rain like that before.
Leaving a gift in your will to one of our hospitals http://www.togetherwecan.org.uk/news/leaving-a-gift-to-one-of-our-hospitals http://www.togetherwecan.org.uk/news/leaving-a-gift-to-one-of-our-hospitals#When:10:52:00Z Did you know that you can leave a gift in your will to Guy’s and St Thomas’,  King’s College Hospital, South London and Maudsley or Evelina London?

If you would like to say thank you for the treatment that you or a family member received, or simply wish to help others get the best treatment and care in the future, you can do so by leaving a donation to your hospital in your will.

The treatment that Amanda has received for her lifelong struggle with epilepsy motivated her to leave a gift in her will. Part of this inspiration was the wish to help fund better treatments in the future.

She developed epilepsy after contracting bacterial meningitis as a child, and still bears the scars from accidents she had during epileptic fits when she was younger. Thanks to the pioneering brain surgery Amanda underwent at King’s and the follow-up care she received at the Maudsley, her condition no longer dominates her life.

The removal of part of her left temporal lobe was the key to helping control her epilepsy, and the number of fits she was having dropped dramatically.  

'I have around one or two seizures each year,' Amanda says.

Despite this amazing improvement, Amanda still receives treatment today for the anxiety and depression which are unfortunate side-effects of her condition.  

Amanda is passionate about helping others, and by leaving a gift in her will to fund future epilepsy research at both King’s and SLaM, her gift will help to find new ways to treat epilepsy and other neurological conditions.  

Finding a way to give back

Former patient Patricia, 79, wishes to thank the surgeons who restored her sight by leaving a gift to Guy’s and St Thomas’ in her will.

She had two cataract operations at St Thomas’ quite soon after retiring from her job as a teacher. Her ability to see had been deteriorating for over a year, but the procedures restored her quality of sight.

‘The effect of the operations was immediate. I felt confident about driving again, and I could see the colours of the trees and flowers. I’m a keen gardener, so that was very important to me,’ says Patricia. 

The opportunity to give back arose when Patricia came to write her will. She now plans to leave a gift to Guy’s and St Thomas’, to be used wherever the need is greatest. 

You too can support our hospitals and any area of the care that they provide by leaving a gift in your will. Visit the Leave a legacy section or Contact us for more information. 

Celebrating our brave abseilers http://www.togetherwecan.org.uk/news/kings-abseil http://www.togetherwecan.org.uk/news/kings-abseil#When:14:36:00Z The abseil down Golden Jubilee Wing at King’s College Hospital was a big success! On Friday 27 and Saturday 28 June, 160 fundraisers abseiled down the glass exterior which overlooked the ambulance bay just outside King’s A&E ward, to the cheers of many friends, colleagues and family members below.

Abseilers were fundraising for King’s College Hospital, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals, Evelina London Children’s Hospital and South London and Maudsley Trust. Many were raising money for the King’s Helipad Appeal, to help build a new helipad at King’s that will get critically ill patients to A&E faster.

The total raised from the abseil so far across all hospitals is approximately £30,000, with more donations still coming in. Well done, everyone!

Our fundraising team were also selling raffle tickets on the day to support the helipad appeal, and the winner of the raffle will receive a cash prize. Tickets will continue to be sold until 31 October, so if you would like to buy or help us to sell tickets, please call 020 7848 4701.

Thank you so much to everyone involved!

You can find out more about the King’s Helipad Appeal, and visit our Facebook page to view our gallery of photos from the day. 

Congratulations to our London Marathon runners! http://www.togetherwecan.org.uk/news/congratulations-to-our-london-marathon-runners http://www.togetherwecan.org.uk/news/congratulations-to-our-london-marathon-runners#When:14:50:00Z London played host to the 32nd Virgin Money London Marathon on Sunday 13th April this year, and the together we can... team was represented by 78 dedicated runners, raising funds for Guy's and St Thomas’s, Evelina London Children's Hospital, King's College Hospital, South London and Maudsley and and King’s College London. 

The amount raised so far has surpassed £200,000 and donations are still rolling in.

Runners were supported by vast numbers of friends, family, and members of the together we can... team throughout the course and from cheer points on Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf and Victoria Embankment. 

Keri Wiltshire, who ran and raised funds for Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital says ‘I truly had the most amazing day ever, it was so great to be part of such a big fund raising event. Seeing all those different coloured charity t-shirts made me feel as though I was amongst some really special people. I couldn’t stop smiling throughout and will definitely be entering again next year. Thanks together we can for your support on the day and letting me be part of the team.  I have memories from Sunday I will cherish forever.’

Take a look at photos of our runners in action and relaxing at the post- race reception can be seen on our Facebook page.

Feeling Inspired?

If you have been inspired by the London Marathon 2014 team and want to run the marathon in 2015 please apply for one of our charity places online.

Alternatively please contact Jacqui at jacqueline.beer@kcl.ac.uk to find out how you can get involved in a running event and support your hospital.

Our congratulations and thanks go to the 2014 team:

Amy Armitage

Mike Lattimore

Anthony Barton

Joanne Lewis

Emily Bateman

Darren Lidsey

Jonathan Bigmore

Chris Lintorn

Dan Benson

Richard Lowe

Lee Bryant

Claire Mason

Matthew Carruthers

Christopher Michael

Katie Chadd

Abdul Mohamed

Daniel Clark

Rob Molloy

Matt Colclough

Paul Morcom

Tim Colclough

Dave Muttett

Max Coppin

John Mark Ndekwe

Kevin Corbett

Leon Norman

 Vusi Courtney

Timothy O'Leary

Adam Dannatt

Kathryn Purcell

Nicola Dean

Owen Raw-Rees

Katherine Dominy

Liam Reeve

Annabel Doyle

Jason Roche

Philippa Durrell

Chris Rolfe

Joanna Evans

Darren Ryan

Graham Fernandez

Neil Sidaway

Derek Finnegan

Warren Smith

William Flatau

Sally Spaull

Leah Flintham

Laura Spooner

Vincent Golding

Claire Stevens

David Gorrod

John Storey

Alisha Green

Mark Taylor

Yuri Gupta

Ian Thurgood

Rob Hamblin

Sarah Tizzard

Matthew Hardman

Mukhtiar Ubhi

Steve Harper

Vikki Walsh

Gavin Henry

Rosie Ward

Amy Hermon-Taylor

Suzanne Wells

Ryan Hill

Joseph Wheatley

Clare Holder

James White

Laura Keavy

Shirley Wilson

John Johnes

Keri Wiltshire

Adam Johnson

Katie Wright

Paul Lardner

Antony Yiakoumi


Well done to you all! If you're interested in running the London Marathon 2015 for us, apply for one of our charity places now.

Marathon tips to help you finish the race http://www.togetherwecan.org.uk/news/marathon-tips-to-help-you-finish-the-race http://www.togetherwecan.org.uk/news/marathon-tips-to-help-you-finish-the-race#When:13:43:00Z The London Marathon is nearly upon us and we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who’s signed up to run for us. If you’re training to run in the London Marathon or one of our other running events, we’d like to share some expert tips to help make sure you reach the finish line:


  • Taper, taper, taper! In the weeks leading up to the marathon, focus on reducing your mileage, eating well and using positive mental images to imagine yourself on the course. In the week before, do a few short runs just to keep your legs strong and moving.


  • Run a dress rehearsal – Four or five days before the marathon, put on your marathon outfit and do a 3 to 4 mile run at your marathon pace. Imagine yourself on the course feeling strong and confident


  • Carb load – In the days leading up to the marathon, focus on eating foods high in carbohydrates (pasta, potatoes, bread, fruits and vegetables) and less high in fats. These are going to fuel you during the race! 


  • Start slow – Don't speed off from the start line but ease into the first few miles. It's okay to run the first 2-3 miles 10-15 seconds slower than your goal race pace. You'll need those glycogen stores later on in the race. 


  • Relax – Have fun, and keep repeating to yourself, I WILL finish. Even if I crawl past the finish line, I will finish. 


To aid your recovery from all that hard work and ensure your muscles repair themselves properly, official marathon partner The Rebalance Clinic are giving a free 30 minute sports massage to every runner. 

A new sports injury and osteopathic clinic based in London's South Bank, their team of expert therapists use sports massage, osteopathy, acupuncture, yoga and pilates help runners reach their peak physical condition. With premises in the new home of famous dance company RAMBERT, The Rebalance team have experience treating everyone from dancers and athletes, to office workers and actors. 

The team are so delighted to support our runners that they are also offering 20% off on follow up appointments.


Best of luck, everyone!

Entries for this year’s Virgin London marathon are now closed, but you can still sign up for Bupa 10,000 and Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon. For fundraising support, please contact our Events team at support@togetherwecan.org.uk. 

What will your New Year resolution be? http://www.togetherwecan.org.uk/news/what-will-your-new-year-resolution-be http://www.togetherwecan.org.uk/news/what-will-your-new-year-resolution-be#When:14:56:30Z We all like to make resolutions at the start of the year.

This year, make one that'll could change lives. Take part in one of these events and raise money for Guy's and St Thomas', Evelina London Children's Hospital, King's College Hospital or South London and Maudsley.

Whatever your ambition we have a challenge for you.

Organise your own event

There are plenty of other ways to keep your New Year resolutions and support your hospital. Keep in touch with friends with a coffee morning, do a wardrobe clear out and hold a swishing party at work or why not go all out for that big fundraising party! Take a look at these ideas.


We’re always looking out for a helping hand with our fundraising activities. We’ve got a wide variety of roles to suit everyone from budding photographers, post race party hosts, loud and enthusiastic cheerers to those who know their way around an office and have a few hours to spare to support our fundraising team. Please get in touch to find out more.

Thank you for your support - here’s what we did in 2013 http://www.togetherwecan.org.uk/news/thank-you-for-your-support-heres-what-we-did-in-2013 http://www.togetherwecan.org.uk/news/thank-you-for-your-support-heres-what-we-did-in-2013#When:13:44:15Z We want to say a big thank you to all of our supporters as we look back on the amazing year we’ve had.

Find out about what we've been able to do thanks to your generosity at:

We couldn't have done it without you.

Thank you to our dedicated volunteers who allow us to do so much more as a team. They’ve cheered on our marathon runners, sent out important invitations, helped out at events and organised fundraising events of their own.

Thank you to all our inspiring runners who have taken part in the Virgin London Marathon, Bupa 10K, Brighton Marathon and the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon; our intrepid cyclists who took part in the 100km Nightrider challenge and our fearless fundraisers who abseiled 100 feet down the Golden Jubilee Wing of King’s College Hospital this summer!

And thank you to everyone who has shared their stories with us. The dedication, bravery and compassion of staff, patients, friends and family and volunteers continues to inspire us and motivate us to do more.

We’re proud to be in this together. We wish you all the best for 2014.

Find out how you can support your hospital this year.

Give something back this Christmas http://www.togetherwecan.org.uk/news/give-something-back-this-christmas http://www.togetherwecan.org.uk/news/give-something-back-this-christmas#When:15:57:27Z With Christmas approaching, it’s the perfect time of year to give back to charity - the season of good will means that people are often very happy to support charitable causes. There are lots of ways you can support Guy's and St Thomas', Evelina London, King's College Hospital and South London and Maudlsey.

We’ve put together some fun ideas to help you get in the Christmas spirit and do some festive fundraising:

Office Christmas party
All across the nation this Christmas, millions of people will attend organised work parties. These party goers will spend millions of pounds on festive food and drinks, little black dresses, new ties, not to mention silly office presents. Imagine if each of these people added a gift costing just £5 to this list? Charities need help – and gifts – in this giving season too.

Ask your workplace if you can collect funds at your Christmas party or hold a Christmas raffle as part of the festive celebrations. If you're feeling creative you can make your own crackers for your party guests!

Cardless Christmas
Be kind to the environment and save money at the same time! Rather than splurging on Christmas cards, ask your friends and family to make a donation to your chosen charity instead.

Simply set up a page on Just Giving page and email your friends a link to donate online.

Or a nice touch for your office would be to put a big poster on the wall for people to write their greetings. Not only will you raise funds but you are also being environmentally friendly!

Fairy and elf auction
Want someone to do your photocopying, make your coffee, or wrap and buy gifts for your loved ones? Get people to volunteer as Christmas fairies or elves in the office and auction off their time to the highest bidder.

Everybody loves a good Karaoke session and what’s better than listening to your manager embarrassing himself singing Wham! Hold heats in the office during the run-up to Christmas, then have the final on your last day at work.

Far-flung festive fare
Enjoy a global gourmet gathering. Split into teams and cook trademark dishes from a country of your choice. Then sell these culinary classics at a Christmas fair – with proceeds going to the hospital your support.

Deck the halls
Donate some money for the privilege of decorating your office. You could also hold a Christmas shrine competition. Get everyone to make their desk as festive as possible, then judge the best. Go on, get that tinsel out.

Jingle bells or jingle hell?
Donate to hear half an hour of Christmas music while you work – or pay to have it turned off.

Silly Santas and funny fairies
Have a fancy dress day in the office. Wear Christmas hats and masks or go for full festive clobber.

Carol singing
Delight your friends, family, neighbours or colleagues by singing Christmas carols to raise money this December. Local shopping centres or stations are great places to sing carols, but remember to ask for permission first.

Sponsor money for Christmas
Ask for sponsorship rather than Christmas presents! We can send you a collection box to collect the money in or you can Just Giving page and send your Christmas wishes to all your friends and family! Use Facebook and Twitter to help you!

Christmas dinner party
Have a dinner or drinks party and ask guests to make a donation to your hospital (or simply charge them to come!). You can give your party a Christmas theme or hold a competition for the best Christmas jumper,

Pounds for pounds
When the festive fun’s all over and you’re back to work in January, hold a sponsored slim. Get colleagues to pay you for the weight you lose and donate the cash to your hospital.
A pound for each pound seems more than fair.

Unwanted Christmas presents?
Sell them on an online auction site such as eBay or have a post-Christmas car boot sale. Donate all proceeds to the hospital you support.

Or choose from some of the festive fundraising ideas below:
• Gift Wrap for your colleagues
• Christmas Hamper Raffle
• Christmas Tree Decorating competition
• Mulled Wine Social
• Christmas desk decoration competition
• Mince Pie Bake Sale
• Nominate a colleague to dress as Santa
• Bag packing - Pack bags at your local supermarket in return for donations, a great opportunity with all of the Christmas shoppers.
• Christmas collections - Organise a collection at your local shopping centre or supermarket - in festive fancy dress of course

To find out more about fundraising for your hospital, including text giving and Christmas wrapping, click the links below: