Who we are

King’s College London

King’s College London is the academic partner of King’s Health Partners, and brings world class medical and biomedical research to the partnership.

This means that scientists at King’s are working alongside clinicians in our hospitals, undertaking research that can be used directly to treat disease.

King’s hosts several centres of excellence where new research is being conducted to make sure that we all get healthier – and stay that way.

What are our researchers working on now? They’re taking basic medical research out of the lab and into the clinic so our patients and community reap the benefits. They’re helping to inform the development of new, effective and targeted treatments for asthma. They’re developing new techniques in cancer imaging. They’re helping transplant recipients by researching the body’s inflammatory and immune responses.

This means you’ve got the best and brightest doctors, researchers and academics working together to make sure that those we treat receive the best in treatment and care.

Find out more about the research being undertaken at King’s College London.